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Micro Channel Flow Plate

Product Features Micro channel flow plate lines are well-distributed, no burr, no gap, no size hole, for precision products, can be well assembled supporting operation. Price Assessment Microchannel runner plate with the material, product requirements material thickness, aperture control accuracy requirements, as well as mass production quantity comprehensive evaluation. At the same time, if you


Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger for Offshore Oil and Gas Exploitation

"Stoll" is entrusted by a marine energy enterprise, successfully developed the first domestic offshore oil and gas open using printed circuit heat exchanger. Because of its excellent mechanical, chemical and thermodynamic properties, the heat exchanger has an important application prospect in various heat transfer cooling devices (such as CO2 cooler, dew point heat exchanger, oil and gas


Petrochemical Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger

In recent years, with the shortage of resources and environmental pollution, the adjustment of industrial structure and the realization of energy-saving and emission reduction of heat exchangers have gradually become the focus of the development of the petrochemical industry. A few days ago, Stoll was commissioned by a petrochemical research institute to develop the first