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Fuel Cell Metal Bipolar Plates

The bipolar plate is an important performance element in the fuel cell stack. It is responsible for distributing hydrogen and air to the two electrode surfaces and taking the heat generated by the reaction out of the stack. The bipolar plate has gradually developed from graphite bipolar plate to metal bipolar plate, which has become


PCHE Heat Exchanger Plate

Stoll is a high-tech enterprise of heat exchanger plate etching in China. It has been growing into a strong manufacturer of heat exchanger plate etching in China after more than 10 years of experience accumulation and rapid development with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xi'an Institute of Thermal Engineering, Chengdu and Power Institute and so


Microporous Multilayer Vacuum Diffusion Bonding

The function of microporous integral vacuum diffusion bonding: microporous bonding is a technical problem in the world. At present, only Germany and the United States have microporous bonding technology, and the metal connection of microporous materials is realized by chemical etching. Stoll uses the whole vacuum diffusion bonding technology to realize the metal connection of


Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers for Solar Thermal Power

"13th Five-Year Plan "will be the key period of solar energy industry development, its contribution to national GDP will exceed trillion yuan. The application prospect of printed circuit heat exchanger in solar thermal power collector, power generation device and the thermal storage device is great. In the future, the use of a printed circuit heat