Stoll|Vacuum Diffusion Bonding Integrated Solution Provider

Stoll|Vacuum Diffusion Bonding Integrated Solution Provider

Stoll: Vacuum Diffusion Bonding Integrated Solution Provider

Shenzhen Stoll Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Stoll") is located in Shenzhen, the forefront of economy and technology in southern China. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of metal materials and high-end vacuum diffusion bonding products. The only diffusion bonding national high-tech enterprise; the company builds a high-level talent team with returning doctors as the core, "985" university graduates with Ph.D. masters as the backbone, and Northwestern Polytechnical University as consultants.


"Stoll" focuses on the international frontiers of manufacturing technology, with "2025 smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, and Chinese manufacturing" as the guiding direction, focusing on the development, incubation and promotion of integrated, efficient, and complex structural parts diffusion bonding technology.

At present, the company has provided key technologies and products for aviation, aerospace, navigation, rail transit, new energy vehicles, nuclear energy, solar thermal power, thermal power, petrochemical, electronic information, injection molds, instrumentation and many other fields.

Based on the unique advantages of diffusion bonding equipment and technology, "Stoll" has developed a series of solid-phase additive manufacturing products, which have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy, offshore oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, solar thermal power, power electronics, Information and communications, injection molds and other important manufacturing fields.



Some of these product structures are to achieve integration and high efficiency to upgrade the original products (such as micro-channel heat exchangers, reactors), and some have become key manufacturing technologies in emerging industries (such as offshore floating nuclear power plants, aero engines).

Stoll has complete metal material research equipment and instruments and has unique testing methods for bimetal manufacturing.

The bimetal integral vacuum diffusion bonding cylinder block manufactured by Stoll is currently the domestic high-pressure pump cylinder with the highest pressure and the highest speed and is very popular among users.

We are willing to wholeheartedly provide high-quality solutions for new and old users in improving product performance and reducing material costs.

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